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lekki southern villa annex I

Lekki Southern Villa Annex I is the latest addition to our bouquet of rewarding real estate investment offers to you. It is borne out of the runaway success of its sister offerings such as Lekki Southern Villa Phase I & II and Pen Gardens Phase I & II, which are fast-becoming sold out.

With this offer which makes superb investment sense, we spoil you for choices, providing you with options strategically developed to fit in with your particular financial budget and capacity.

What You Get:

A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) with a deposit of 5Million Naira or 10Million Naira outright payment.

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pen gardens i & II

Pen Gardens is one-of our three flagship premium land investment offerings supremely aimed at helping you make the move to woning your own home.

Do come and be a part of the axis offering the very choicest prime plots of land in the Ibeju-Lekki axis. It's where the world's at.


Pen Gardens I:

  • Five (5) minutes from the proposed Lekki Free Trade Zone and Lekki Seaport.
  • Pen Gardens II:

  • Four (4) minutes from the proposed Lekki-Epe Airport.
  • Infrastructure:

    Dry Land . Good Road Network . Electrification . 24-Hour Security . Effective Drainage System.

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    southern villa 1 & 2

    In Southern Villa 1 & 2, we make available to the public, a second range of premium land investment opportunities. This is one of our flagship prime real estate offerings, providing the choicest prime plots of land in the Lekki axis.

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    the PENNEK D.N.A.

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