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Real Estate has always been a force in the investing world throughout all ages

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Real Estate has always been a force in the investing world throughout all ages

August 15,2015 Pennek Nigeria 0comments

We present to you a wonderful avenue of joining the few people in control of their finances- AKA the privileged, rich, affluent or whatever you want to refer to them as. The Pen Gardens and Lekki Southern Villa are located in areas with 30 to 50% increase in value annually.

So, believe it when we tell you we’re here to help you increase you wealth. Pen Gardens is located in close proximity to massive developments like the New Lekki Airport, LaCampaign Tropicana Resort, the New Golf Course to mention but a few

-Its luxury living at a giveaway price. Because in four to five years when these structures are already up and running you’d be grateful you thought it wise to invest- your assets would have gone sky high in price.

In mediaeval Europe a system of government called Feudalism was practiced, where the society was structured around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labor. Simply put, land owners called the shots- they were the ones in power and were considered nobility. Now, in our present day world you might not actually get to control a whole country just because you own some land. But, it would definitely put you in charge of your financial activities. Most people live all their lives on what the circle of cash flow bequeaths them. However, there are a few people who have taken control of their finances, attained financial freedom and determine what amount of money they have regardless of the economic situation.
The Lekki Southern Villa Estates are in close proximity to the New Shoprite Mall, the Lagos Business School, Lakowe Lakes, Lagos State Housing Estate and other high end properties. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. One you would like to live in, the choice is yours.
Now, unlike get rich quick schemes which are like fireworks- shining up high in the sky and in a moment no more, investing in real estate offers you the opportunity to grow your wealth steadily without losing your capital, it’s one of the safest and least- risk investment in the world.
At Pennek Nigeria, our core aim is to bridge the housing deficit in upwardly mobile areas and as such our client’s financial wellbeing  is our greatest priority. All our clients attest to our transparency and our greatest happiness is that they feel safe with us.
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